“Funny, shocking, socially conscious and sharply critical! Unexpectedly touching … A performer of great skill, and his program is guaranteed to both entertain and challenge the audience!” Broadway.com

“Brilliant! Wonderous! Billy is fearless and merciless! Deliciously naughty! A one-man variety show depicting the most taboo and controversial stories of our culture. Provocative and titillating, sardonic and unsettling; it’s movement–based theatre for the Daily Show sensibility! Sharp and biting social commentary! Astounding! This is truly a very special experience by an exquisite performer! It absolutely should not be missed!” NewYorkTheater.com

“Billy the Mime is the Charles Bronson of mimes, a Schwarzenegger of silence who shocks his audiences deaf, dumb and blind with his politically charged, over-the-cliff routines!” TheaterNews Online

“Armed with the sensibility of a deranged Durang, the skillful Billy works the line between pathos and schadenfreude so deftly you may leave the theater laughing at your own misfortune…. achieves something rare and strange that goes beyond harvesting guffaws from the tension between form and content… it’s fascinating to see how much history he can distill into a gesture!” The Village Voice

“Powerful and compelling theater! Billy is an artist in amazing control of his technique and his material… conveys a drama and power that can take your breath away! Remarkable! Brings the unspeakable to the stage and exposes both the voyeurism and horror of contemporary life! It is Billy’s consistent ability to wrench a horrific twist from a comedic moment that gives the evening its power… this is mime as it can be, but, alas, virtually never is. This is a piece that deserves to be seen!” GC News New York

“AMERICA LOVESEXDEATH does what good performance art should do: educate, entertain and inspire. And all accomplished without a word mumbled. Marcel Marceau eat your heart out!” New York Cool

“If you saw The Aristocrats, you know that Billy the Mime is not the typical mime people want to shoot in the white-face. Nor is he the mime to take home to Mother. Ribald, imaginative and ballsy, Billy brings a post-modern sensibility to the maligned art form!” The Gothamist

“He’s one of the best mimes in the country with clean, clear technique, a great sense of humor and perfect timing. Billy has his own sensibility, his own contemporary view of the world, and he keeps his audience entertained from start to finish with nary a dull moment. This is solo mime at its very best by a highly skilled totally engaging performer.” Richmond Shepard – Performing Arts INSIDER